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Innovation Acceleration

Generate and accelerate new innovative concepts

Accelerate innovations and digitalize to success?

We help you develop new innovative business ideas and accelerate them to be successful business concepts. It is our core believe that every company has to become a digital business. We will bring you there.


Venture Acceleration

We will help you generate and accelerate new innovative business concepts in your field. Our venture acceleration program depends on the lifecycle stage of your company. This could be an early stage start-up or a big size company who wants to develop innovative concepts separate to their existing business. We start with the ideation and accelerate the ideas to validate as functioning businesses and help with their integration to any existing structure and processes.


Digital Transformation

In the ever changing world of business digital transformation cannot be ignored and are now considered essential to driving profits. We will keep your business up to date with emerging technologies and we will provide you with a comprehensive framework for making operating process improvements through the use of technology. Our best practices approach to field service digital transformation enables you to achieve service operations excellence in your organization.

Business Model & Service Innovation

Business model innovation is increasingly recognised to be a central part of strategic management that generates the decisive competitive advantages. As a business owner you also have to consider that in the past 50 years, the average business model lifespan has dropped from about 15 years to less than five. As a result, business and service model innovation is now an essential, if you want to drive breakout growth, reinvigorate a lagging core, or defend against industry disruption or decline.

Customer Digital Experience

In today’s competitive market it is important to create a special connection with your customers through an appealing digital experience. The digital customer experience is the combination of all digital interactions a customer has with your company or your brand. This can range from browsing your website to interacting on social media. Consumers now expect a perfect and consistent digital experience. We will help you to achieve clarity and optimization across a myriad of touchpoints and interactions.

Design Thinking

In order to stay competitive, companies around the world recognises the need to become more innovative and the key to innovation in business development lies within the creative thinking. We use design thinking as an innovation method which helps not just for the actual process but it also enables a long term innovative culture within an organization.

Crowd Sourcing

We use crowd sourcing to support the ideation process and make sure that the innovative process does consider customer’s needs. The principle is quite simple; you are putting a task or question out to a larger group and ask for their help or input. The group we address could consist out of normal citizens, consumers of your product, other entrepreneurs or specialist. As an example you could ask your customers for new product ideas.



We have extensive experience in the listed industries and bring a deep market knowledge, network and current innovations.

Construction & Building Products
Consumer Goods & Retail
Financial Services

Private Equity
Manufactoring & Services

Cloud Force

Your Virtual Staff

We provide highly qualified virtual staff in the field of ‘IT & Software Development’, who could work remotely for your organization. This could be for a limited project or as ongoing part-time or full-time staff. Contact us for further information.

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