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About us

We create history

Accenta is a specialized Swiss consulting and brokerage firm. We provide services to businesses and entrepreneurs as their partner. Our aim is to achieve mutual benefits by having our skin in to our partners game. Innovation, digitalization and globalization lay the ground for our approach to bring success to businesses.



Accenta’s vision is to be a leading player enabling businesses to plan for the next big thing.



Accenta’s mission is to:

  • enable businesses to innovate and potentially disrupt themself
  • support businesses accelerate business concept and succeed
  • assist businesses find more clients and growth
  • help businesses expand their global presence
  • find the right exit strategy




We believe in an equal partnership and stand for each other.


We believe in doing the right thing has to be beneficial to everyone.


We believe in releasing highest performance to enable the necessary innovation.


We believe in beyond respecting life and nature.




A. Boulad

Mr. Boulad is an Entrepreneur, Innovator and Accelerator with twenty years business experience in Business Model Design & Digital Transformation, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Capital Markets & Investor Relations. His aim is to drive ideas and businesses with digital help to the next level.

He holds two master degrees one in General Management and one in Business Engineering & Transformation from the University of St. Gallen.

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